From Our Family to Yours...
Welcome to Lamanuzzi & Pantaleo, where wine is what we know. Since our beginning in 1942, our families have grown, packed, produced and marketed the finest quality wine grapes and wine products on the market. From the beginning, our commitment was to quality, and we made this commitment because many of our early customers were families much like our own. Today, though we have grown into providing 100% pure California grapes, grape juice products and wine grape concentrates to both the home winemaking market and to the commercial and industrial markets, our commitment is the same – because for us it is not just a business, it is a family tradition.

We ask that you browse our website where you can explore that wide variety of our home winemaking and the commercial and industrial market products, get the how to's on making wine at home, take a tour of one of our facilities, or learn about the distinct qualities of each of the many various types of wine and wine grapes. Maybe you have never made wine at home and want to find out where you can get started; or maybe you are established in the industry, and are looking to introduce a new product. Either way, visit the Contact Us Link where we can assist you in finding a solution to meet your needs.

For over fifty years Lamanuzzi & Pantaleo has brought to the market only the freshest, purest, high quality products. It has been not only our commitment to you, but to ourselves. We are proud of our fine products, for from fine products comes fine wine. And, when all is said is done, it is the wine alone that really matters.

From the Lamanuzzi & Pantaleo Families...
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Our Commitment is to Quality
We are committed to bring the freshest, purest, Highest quality wine and wine grape products into today's market place both for the home winemaker and for the quality conscious industrial customer.

Meeting our Commitment
Each of our products begins here in the rich, fertile San Joaquin Valley of California where we grow and harvest our grapes. After careful preparation, our grapes will go to one of our plants to be processed under the close supervision of the family. Wine grapes sold to market are house packed by hand, carefully graded and selected before they can be placed in the box. Fresh pressed juices are made in our state of the art juice plant where only freshly picked grapes are crushed, blended, and stored under strict temperature controls and the careful eye of one of our three in-house enologists. All of our bulk wines and concentrates benefit from the skill of three very experienced enologists and strict attention to sanitation practices. New spinning cone technology allows us access to the pure essence of each grape varietal, making the possibilities almost limitless. In addition to out commitment to product quality and freshness, we offer both organic and Kosher product options.
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Plant Tour

Packing House
It is here that each

box of juice grapes is carefully sorted and graded by the experienced hands of our packers. Each box is placed on a scale where it is packed to exact weight. Once finished, the box is removed to a conveyor, which moves it to the inspections station. Here each pack is inspected by the experienced eyes of our floor ladies to make sure it meets our quality standard before being sent to the lidding machine. After the lids have been applied, the boxes are then palletized and moved immediately to cold storage to await shipment.

The Winery

Built new from the ground up in 1998, our winery blends the old world experience of skilled enologists with the newest in technology. The use of tank presses (like the one's used in Napa's finest operations today) allow us to create better quality whites and reds as the fruit is more gently and thoroughly taken through the extraction process. New technology also allows us to vastly increase the color extraction from red grapes during processing, lending richer hues to these wines. All storage at the winery is done in refrigerated stainless steel tanks which are computer monitored 24 hours a day to ensure optimum temperature.

Our high grade concentrates are processed here as well, using the latest in spinning cone technology. This technology allows us to make concentrates true to the essence and flavor of the original juice unlike traditional processing in which 75-80% of the flavor and essence are lost during the evaporation process. And, as with all our facilities, the winery adheres to the strict sanitation practices our customers have come to recognize and expect.

Juice Cellar

In our Juice Cellar, freshly pressed grape juice is blended and balanced by our in-house enologist before it is stored in one of these strictly regulated, computerized refrigeration tanks. Each tank is monitored by the computer to assure optimum temperature, maintaining the integrity of flavor and essence in each juice. Pailing is done in two conveyor lines, each with an electronic filler which measures the volume of each pail, ensuring consistency and accuracy of fill. The use of this dual line system allows us to package juice quickly, maintaining optimum temperature. Sanitation in the Juice Cellar, as in our other locals, is a top priority and is subject to our regular inspections.

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Our Commitment To Quality

Plant Tour