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  • Fresh Pressed Varietal Wine Grape Juices
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Varietal Wine Grapes
With close to thirty different varietal grapes, we can say we offer one of the best selections and finest quality, house packed wine grapes on the market. Each box of our grapes is carefully selected and hand packed in our enclosed packing facility producing a cleaner, more stable, higher quality packs than is possible in a field pack. And, each box is packed under the close scrutiny of our family ensuring the quality which has made the Pia and Regina labels strong in today's home winemaking market.

Fresh Pressed Grape Juice
All of our fresh pressed juices begin at the crusher in our juice plant and winery. Once crushed and removed from the skins, the fresh juice is shipped for a short ride in refrigerated tanker trucks to our adjacent juice cellar. Here the juice is tested, blended, and carefully recorded by our enologist, then stored in computer controlled stainless steel refrigeration tanks. Along with our fresh pressed varietal juices, we offer a selection of varietal juice blends, generic red and generic white blends, and the option of ordering custom blends made to your specifications.

Grape Juice Concentrates
Our concentrates are unlike any other you have seen on the market today. Using the latest spinning cone technology from Australia and custom evaporation vacuum pan built and designed with 100% quality in mind, these products offer the convenience of a concentrate with all the flavor and essence of a fresh pressed juice. In the processing of standard concentrates, 75% to 80% of the natural essence of the grape is lost during the evaporation process. It is these subtle essences that give wine distinct character. With the use of these innovative technologies, we first remove the natural essence of the juice by passing it through the spinning cone. Next, we evaporate of a portion of the natural moisture through the process of concentration. When the juice has passed through the evaporation vacuum pan and concentration is complete, the natural essence is added back. In this way, we can make high grade concentrate in which maintains the essence and natural integrity of the individual grape. Our high grade concentrates are available in varietal selections or in generic red or generic white selections and are available for shipment in convenient 52 gallon drums. Organic concentrates are also available; contact us for details.

Bulk Wine
In addition to these fine grape juice products, we also carry a large selection of bulk wines. Our winery, only three years old, boasts a state of the art facility which includes full fermentation, a heat extraction system, high tech filtration, all stainless steel storage, and 24 hour computer controlled refrigeration. All of our wines, both varietals and generic white & red, are carefully blended and tested by our in-house enologists, who bring years of experience and expertise in the wine industry. Our tank press and heat extraction systems, modeled after the most innovative systems in Napa, allow us to produce high quality reds and whites which maintain full flavor and color. Looking for something specific? We can custom blend wine for you to your specifications... a real plus in today's changing marketplace.

High Grade Raisin Concentrate
New to our product line this year, our 70 Brix raisin concentrate had been well received. This concentrate is available custom made per your order or by ordering from our limited inventory. Shipping is available in a variety of options including 55 gallon plastic drums, 250 gallon totes, or in bulk shipment.

Oak Dust Packets
Our oak dust packets are a blend of fine American and French oak in pre-measured packets. Each packet contains enough oak dust to treat a 5.3 or 6 gallon container of juice and infuse rich oak flavor without the expense and problem of barrel aging. Our oak dust packets should be adder prior to fermentation (1 packet/5.3 or 6 gallon pail) to obtain maximum flavor and bouquet.